Working Papers

Cross-Market Selection in U.S. Health Insurance Markets 

Selected Work in Progress 

Labor Market Effects of Shifts in Employer-Provided Health Insurance Costs among Older Workers, with Kurt Lavetti 

Insurer Innovation and Health Care Efficiency: Evidence from Utah with Ben Handel, Jon Kolstad, and Kurt Lavetti

The Incidence of Individual Health Cost Shocks, with Kurt Lavetti and Tamar Oostrom

Winners and Losers from Risk Pooling in Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance, with Stuart Craig, Kurt Lavetti, Victoria Marone, and Ben Vatter

The Effects of Workplace Social Status on Minority Health Disparities, paper series with Kurt Lavetti, Trevon Logan, and Cynthia Colen

Published Work

Is This Time Different? The Slowdown in Health Spending with Amitabh Chandra and Jonathan Skinner
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity, Vol 47, No. 2 (2013)

Large Increases In Spending On Postacute Care In Medicare Point To The Potential For Cost Savings In These Settings with Amitabh Chandra and Maurice Dalton
Health Affairs, Vol 32, No. 5 (2013)